Hello my cutie pie komedos around the world! It’s Snow Wep so yeah~ How are you? Haven’t been here since two months ago. I really miss writing on this blog but, you know… homework, exams, and assignments really killed me. I am now in the middle of 1st semester final exams but today is Saturday which means tomorrow is Sunday so I’m free today!!! Yaaay! I’m planning to spend the rest of the day on the internet!

Anyway, before I go to the main topic of this post, first I’d really like to send my condolence to Mr. Nelson Mandela’s family and to the Africans for the loss. Don’t worry, he’s happy now! *cheers*

Ok, komedos, today I’d like to announce my new program. It’s called the #uwepupdate!

What is it?

#uwepupdate is all about myself. What I am doing, what I am seeing, what I am hearing, what I am eating, etc. I will share it on #uwepupdate so that you guys can be closer to me!!

Where will it be shared?

You can follow #uwepupdate on my twitter. For everyone who doesn’t know my twitter, you’re so unlucky. I’m not gonna give my username here. Ask a komedo if you want to know!

When will it be shared?

I will start the #uwepupdate on Tuesday (Dec 10, 2013) at exactly 12 pm local time (5 am GMT). In a day there will be approximately 5 #uwepupdate’s.

What’s the aim of #uwepupdate?

To make my komedos become closer to me by knowing what I am doing!

How long will it last?

As long as I have fans…

Okay, have you got it, guys? No more questions about #uwepupdate I think. I won’t answer any other curiosity until Tuesday at 12 pm! So stay tuned~




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