10 Facts You Don’t Need To Know

Really, you should be closing this tab and do anything else… Just don’t read this post. I’m warning you, one step ahead… Hey wait, I was just joking. But really, this post is NOT necessary at all. It neither will make your future bright nor make it bad. It’s just useless to read. I know you have wasted your time reading this, but if you prefer to stay here than to click the Close button to do something else more important, then I should do nothing but thank you. Yes, I thank you for taking a glance at this post, and I’m really grateful if you read the whole post too. A simple “Thank you” just can’t express how grateful I am!

Okay, I think I’m kind of wasting your time. I’m sorry, didn’t mean to. Let’s just move to the main point of this post. Yes, I’d share 10 facts that you should have left a while ago. What facts are they? Yup, they are 10 facts about my personalities that you don’t need to know, really… You’re wasting your time….


Okay, okay, here you go.

  1. At first I’m quite shy, but once you get close enough to me, you’ll find out that I’m rather noisy.
  2. I don’t think I’m bossy, I’m not even proper to be a leader!
  3. I hate being ignored, I’ll be mad and sad and won’t talk much for the rest of the day (will be thinking of the reasons of being ignored).
  4. I’m not getting easily angry, but when I’m angry, that is when I will start ignoring people who irritate me.
  5. I love taking care of kids.
  6. The type of person who can’t concentrate on just one thing.
  7. I sometimes trust people easily.
  8. Easy to fall on fake friends. That’s why I’m warning everyone who just wants to take advantage of me to stay away, shoo!
  9. I often think I’m a creative person, but at the same time I also don’t think so!
  10. *This is the last one, be glad* I’m the one who can’t stand on people who are attention seekers, duh!

So that’s all the 10 facts about me. Think you’ve got to know me a little further? Well, actually, there are a lot of things you haven’t known about me, there are things you want to know and things you really DON’T want to know, for sure… Anyway, I’d like to know a little more about you, guys. Just tell me ten facts of yourself, yes, yes, ten is enough… more than enough…

Why is this getting awkward… Well, I’m just gonna stop here. See ya on the next post!



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