Napoleon’s Plans For School Break

Tomorrow is the last day of final exams which means school break is getting closer! I am so excited to welcome it, are you too? Well, you should be. How come you’re not excited welcoming the school break? Are you a soulless robot or something?!

But I cannot say you’re really looking forward to welcoming school break if you DO NOT know what you should do during the holiday! Duh!

I can say I am now half excited, because I only have few plans to do during this year’s school break. What about you? Do you have any plans to do? Will you give me some? Please?

Ok, nevermind.

Anyway here are my few Napoleon’s Plans for this school break. PS. Napoleon’s Plans means great plans. Credit to my Madridista fella on Twitter who invented it!

Watch 2014 World Cup

Yeaaaah! 2014 World Cup is here, man! You’re not going to watch?! You’re missing great moments of your life!!!

So watch it, alright? You can check the schedules on the internet or magazines or newspapers. Their topic is now World Cup! Just FYI, the first match will be Brazil against Croatia. It’s on June 13 at 3am here in Indonesia if I’m not mistaken.

Watch it! ;D

Sketch, sketch, sketch!!!

This plan is quite challenging, yes. I’m planning to sketch all Real Madrid players of 2013/14 season, but idk… maybe in the end I’ll end up with only a Ronaldo or Bale sketch… /ugly sobs/

Anyway, where can I find HD pics of Real Madrid players? I want to sketch them better so I need more HD pics!

Be able to sing Hala Madrid Y Nada Más

Guys! Have you heard this new song, Hala Madrid Y Nada Más? Well if you haven’t, you should listen to it now! It’s a great song and beautifully composed. But it’s in Spanish!!! ><

I have the lyrics on my hand but I want to be able to sing it without reading the lyrics. It's quite hard to memorize them tho. But I will work hard!

Buy postcards

Oho, I haven’t told you about my postcard project have I? Well, I am planning to send postcards to sick children around the world so they will feel much better!^^

I can’t find any postcards that I like here so I’ll just look for them when I’m in Jogja. Ya know I always go there on every holiday 😛

Watch movies

Any movies, really! I wanna try a random movie too. It may be a bit challenging tho 😉

Eat kebabs

This isn’t really a plan, lol. But I really want to eat kebabs!!! It’s been a while since I last ate it *^*

Watch all episodes of TSLOZC season 1

What’s TSLOZC? It’s The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody, a Disney tv series. I once watched it and I fell for it♡ I will watch it online, dunno if legally or ilegally. Just don’t tell anyone! Sshh.

Help my grandpa at his shop

Yeaaaah I want to do something good too for my grandpa ;D

Well, I think that’s all until now. If I have more plans I will add them here ;D You can take some of my Napoleon’s Plans to complete your own Napoleon’s Plans list anyways. Have fun!!!!

Libur telah tiba, hore hore hore!
eh belum deng.



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