If You Leave My World

At first, I was going to post the lyrics of If You Leave My World by MLTR (Michael Learns To Rock) but hey, I thought, there have been a bunch of lyrics of that song on the net, what’s the point of posting it on the blog? Here I just want to share my thoughts about that song. But if you’d like to know the full lyrics, you can go to MetroLyrics or AZLyrics (those two are my fave). Oh, and, don’t forget to download the mp3 too! What’s the point of the lyrics only, really!?

Okay, before I tell you my thoughts, I’d like you to know why I wanted to do this for this song. Well, I first heard this song when I was on my way to Jogja with my fam (we were driving a car). The song is easy-listening but it’s kind of sad… I once couldn’t help but cried when listening to it, and even I could imagine what the music video could’ve been like! Oh… the scene must be sad 😦 hmm.. why do I post this…? I dunno actually…

So let’s start from the first 4 paragraphs of the lyrics…

What about the life that you were dreaming of?
What about the pictures in my head?
What about the love that we were fighting for?
Is it still somewhere alive or is it dead?

Can you now guess what the song is about? Not yet? Hmm, let’s get into the next 2 paragraphs.

How could we ever go so wrong?
I always thought that we were strong.

Well…? So, I think this song’s about a couple breaking up, based on the last sentence I always thought…. agreed? Now, let’s move to the sad part…

But if you leave my world tomorrow
And if you leave me cold tonight
If you’re gonna leave me cold tonight
Do you really wanna see me cry?
I’m gonna live my life in sorrow
And you’ll forever see me cry
If you’re gonna leave me cold tonight

Imagine this: a couple breaking up, then the guy was sitting in front of a deserted house on a deserted and dim street, he was cold, he was crying deeply, he then ran his fingers on his hair, then he exploded as rain started falling… and then a robber came and stole his umbrella and he cried even louder.

Okay, ignore the last sentence.

Well guys, I don’t know what to say anymore. This song is so sad, probably the second saddest after Nobody’s Child.

But guys I recommend you to listen to this song! Really, just listen once (I recommend you to listen first when you’re a bit sad). Feel the emotion flowing through your blood. Cry, just cry. Explode. (Anna: I won’t judge).

So, I think that’s enough! Hope you like the post. Oh and for all Muslims out there Happy Ramadhan! Happy fasting!!!^^

Up till now it’s been Snow Wep! Bye for now! see ya later!^^

snow xx


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