a little change does not hurt, right?

Hello world!

Guess what, I’m back! The last time I posted here was almost two years ago. That’s a pretty long hiatus, I can say.

As I am in college now, life has gotten twice busier. I get a lot of assignments to do, study guides to read, and many non-academic activities to join. I barely have time to watch movies, write, and draw. I often look at my Wacom tablet and sigh in despair (I’m sorry, I know I overreact it but that’s how I feel…) and say to myself, “Just how long has it been wrapped inside the box, unable to feel the fresh air outside? Oh, my poor Wacom tablet…”

But now I’m still on school break so here I am!

I decided today that I wanted to get productive and continue writing on this blog, but when I read the blog’s address over and over again today, I had a random thought… If I continued writing on this blog and it became popular (okay it is just an imagination but who knows, maybe it will happen in one or two years? ehe), I could be sued for using Aqua in my blog’s address.

Aqua is a mineral water product by Danone. I know nothing of copyright disclaimer or whatsoever but I think it is better to be careful and avoid it. I do not want to get into trouble just because of something so simple.

It was hard for me to change the address (I still feel a bit sad now, huhu) because it has been my signature blog name. Sebotol Aqua — share the joy in a bottle of aqua. That is my favorite tagline, and now I have to say goodbye!

But since the new address has been decided, I have to accept whatever the consequence. I personally think Wep’s Gallery is a unique name, and the tagline sounds just as fancy as the previous one, doesn’t it? Wep’s Gallery — a gallery full of hope and happiness. Try saying it out loud! It is nice to hear.

Anyway, I will also make changes to the contents. I am thinking of posting my stories in learning the Korean language. I am still at beginner level so there will be a lot of fun things to tell to the readers. I will also post my creations, such as drawings, printable stickers, and printable digital paper. Although I am not a Photoshop expert, I still can use Paint Tool Sai and my tablet to design the stickers and digital paper. Ah… with only a Wacom tablet and pen, I can do just everything…. (lol what am I saying…).

Lastly, before I end this post, I would like to say thank you to all of you who have visited my blog and read some posts. It means so much to me, and please don’t forget to leave comments! I hope everyone will love and support the new changes that I made… and most importantly, I hope I have more time to draw and write on this blog! -^^-



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