[Thoughts Crunch] How I Motivate Myself

“Congratulations Tyas, for being accepted in Dankook University exchange program!”

“I am happy for you! How did you manage that?”

“You’ve gone through a lot. What made you so strong-willed and finally made it to Korea?”

A few weeks ago, my phone rang and notified me of an incoming chat from a friend of mineㅡa special friend. I don’t remember exactly what it said, but he was asking me if I’d mind being a speaker in his online discussion. He wanted to create an online workshop for the students in our university, which was aimed to introduce international programs such as student exchange and short programs with scholarships that students could join. The project was part of our university’s International Office recruitment process, where candidates had to make a project about internationalization. I’m a volunteer of International Office and I did such a project too, last year. Good old times… haha.

As I read the message, he explained to me that I would have to tell my experiences about the student exchange program at Dankook University in the online discussion. I would share about what I went through before coming to Korea, my motivation in joining this program, and mostly about the scholarshipㅡbecause that was the point of the online discussion; being able to join international programs with scholarships.

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a little change does not hurt, right?

Hello world!

Guess what, I’m back! The last time I posted here was almost two years ago. That’s a pretty long hiatus, I can say.

As I am in college now, life has gotten twice busier. I get a lot of assignments to do, study guides to read, and many non-academic activities to join. I barely have time to watch movies, write, and draw. I often look at my Wacom tablet and sigh in despair (I’m sorry, I know I overreact it but that’s how I feel…) and say to myself, “Just how long has it been wrapped inside the box, unable to feel the fresh air outside? Oh, my poor Wacom tablet…”

But now I’m still on school break so here I am!

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