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[Wep’s Korea Life] Kimbap and Kimchi Heaven!

Hello, good people of the Earth!

I have been hibernating for almost a year now, and I’m back! My Indonesian friends, can you see me? In Pekalongan, no? Yogyakarta, also no? Surabaya? No? Where am I?

Everyone, I have a big announcement for you. It is not that I am bored with my country and my study in ITS. Furthermore, it is not about leaving forever. BUT! I am now living in South Korea for four months, as an exchange student at Dankook University. If you have never heard of it before, Dankook University (단국대학교) is located in the city of Yongin. From Seoul, it takes about one and a half hour to get to the campus. Oh, I forgot to mention that Dankook has two campuses; in Jukjeon and Cheonan. I’m studying in the Jukjeon campus, which, I think, is the main campus.

I arrived in Korea on 27 February. I flew from Indonesia with Mas Naufal, a senior who’s studying in Electrical Engineering (batch 2014) in ITS. He’s taking Mobile System Engineering in DKU, while I take International Business Administration. Maybe some of you wonder, what are the similarities between Industrial Engineering (my major in ITS) and International Business Administration? Why would I risk taking a completely different major here?

Well, that did not happen in an instant. It required deep thoughts, seeking advice from my parents and my close friends, and a long, hard struggle. It is something that deserves its own post so I will tell you later when I feel like it. Don’t worry, I’d be really glad to share my story, in hopes of inspiring others too. It’s just that I want to dedicate this post to my first week in Korea and the one-and-only food I eat often here; kimbap!!  Continue reading

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Oke, jadi siang tadi aku seneng banget karena ulangan selesai. Untuk minggu ini…

Well, masih ada tiga kali ulangan lagi sih, tapi paling nggak besok hari Minggu dan hari Sabtu ini aku bisa bersenang-senang. Melesatlah aku ke kamar, nyalain laptop, dan ke Youtube. Belom nemu tongkrongan lain, dan juga aku kangen nonton video EXO, BTS dan SHINee.

Mulailah ritualku yaitu nonton EXO – Call Me Baby. Meski video itu sudah karatan wong udah berumur lebih dari sebulan, tetep aku tonton. Yah, lumayanlah nambah nambah views. Habis itu aku nonton live performance View-nya SHINee. Eh suka banget sama choreo-nya, apalagi pas yang reff, THE WAY MINHO DANCES SLAYS. Ketika part itu mataku selalu menuju ke Minho. GOD HE’S TOO SEXY I WANT TO SLAP HIM SO HARD HOW IS HE EVEN HUMAN. Continue reading